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Glad you're here!

I'm a fantasy writer-- mostly sci-fi/fantasy, though I'm experimenting with romantic, urban, supernatural and religious styles, too. Also, there's a creepy splatterpunk one in the works. Just for a change of pace.

Here you'll find a couple of basics about my journal, and occasional discounts on my work.

Friending policy: Open. Asking is appreciated but not necessary.

Journal content: writing discussions; artwork commissioned for my novels; links to news articles/essays; pictures of me and the family; talk about TV shows/movies/books.

My novels:

Stealing Time
Years after a comet hits the world of Veyrdel, the food supply is dangerously low. The Niveti, who are carnivores, finally stoop to killing Veyrdel's other race. After his classroom is attacked, Rohan gets up the courage to go into his father’s time-shifter to try and prevent the violence. But a miscalculation sends him back much further than he intended, and he gets the chance to change not only his future, but everyone’s.

Jia's Charms
Forced to evacuate over a severed world, Logan's mind is more on how to complete his reluctantly-accepted mission than on how to find his fellow survivors. Then he encounters Jia, an Inako who was banished from her village, and his priorities about a lot of things begin to change. . .

In the Darkness Find Me
After a nasty divorce, Amelia decides to leave the city and move into an old fixer-upper. Her plans are complicated when her mother asks her to bring along her manipulative younger sister, and complicated further when the sister claims that their new house is haunted. But, for once, Lucy isn’t lying.

Character Art

And so it begins

I'm partway through King's 11/22/63 (which is AMAZING so far). Got it sitting on the headboard. When Chris and I watch a scary movie, Kaylee usually heads into our room and watches one of her shows or plays with her toys. The other night I went in to get her ready for bed, and found the dust jacket off of 11/22/63, and the book lying open on the bed. Normally she doesn't bother any of the books I have up there, so I asked her what she was doing--

"I was reading it!"

Kaylee's Birthday Pics!

She turned four on the 17th. I am still having a difficult time believing this.

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Christmas movies for this year:

Midnight in Paris: ((this CAST. Also time-travel is always a million bonus points in my book))

Santa's Slay: Our annual Christmas Eve one. Because we're sick twisted people.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil: Because it was absolutely amazing and any chance to watch it again is a good one.

For anyone who's interested...

This is me over on DreamWidth. Will still be crossposting here and reading my friends list, but I highly doubt I'm going to continue with a paid account. I don't use RP journals so the latest changes don't really bug me that much, but the way the LJ staff responded to customer complaints does.


Today's schedule

8:00-11:00: Clean mom's house
11:00-5:30: Make six dozen Oreo truffles, four dozen peanut butter truffles, and two dozen chocolate truffles for Christmas orders
The rest of the night: Sit on my butt and do absolutely nothing


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